About Us

About OM Warrior Kids

Welcome to OM Warrior Kids, a fun and safe place to practice yoga, mindfulness and meditation through magical adventures! Join Maddie Faye as she guides your children through engaging and entertaining video stories that will surely bring a smile to your child’s face!

The kids tribe is aimed towards children ages 3-12 years old, but is fun and engaging for the whole family! At OM Warrior Kids we wish to create exciting, educational and interactive content about yoga, mindfulness and meditation through adventurous stories with relatable characters.

Meet Maddie Faye

Maddie Faye is the founder and designer of the OM Warrior lifestyle brand, OM Warrior Kids yoga video adventure series, and an advocate for empowering others to be their best self.

The idea of the OM Warrior brand was born in 2018 through Maddie’s love of fashion and her desire to offer the world a conscious clothing line with heart, soul, and a little edge. Maddie has traveled globally and recognized that everyone was striving for the same thing: A convergence of love, purpose, and balance.

OM Warrior became the catalyst behind Maddie’s mission to spread her message of good vibes, inclusion, and human connection.

At 14, Maddie Faye is among the youngest certified yoga teachers in the United States. Since completing her yoga certification program, she is now a part-time instructor, where she teaches students ages 3 to 18 every Wednesday night.  Maddie fell in love with yoga after attending yoga classes with her mom at only 10 years old.


The brand

We Do Good So You Can Feel Good.

The intention behind OM Warrior is that every person wearing our line embodies the purpose and free-spirit behind the brand. From eco-friendly inks to our commitment to producing our clothing in child-labor free facilities, you should feel radically good in OM Warrior gear.

Think of OM Warrior clothing as your bearer of good news, your daily hug, and a reminder of your beautiful worth.

Because, seriously, you are priceless.